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Luxury Events

There are so many events for private jet travelers to attend throughout 2015 in Aruba during your next vacation or business trip. There are the usual events for holidays and celebrations, but you may also have a chance to catch an international competition or tournament, an excursion, or sporting event when flying to Aruba private.

There are events for everyone in your group to make your stay in Aruba memorable. In the early spring, there are several music festivals, and a 21K marathon. If summer and water events pique more of an interest, there is a Hi-Winds tournament in July and an International Sailboat Regatta in August. Take a look at the full list of Aruba luxury events below, and mark your calendar for what events are going on during your next private jet charter Aruba.


2015 Flip Flop Festival

(Sunday, March 1st – Monday, March 2nd 2015; 2pm – 2am)

This year?s Flip Flop festival is not one to miss. Known as the biggest free music festival in Aruba, this year they’re setting up in Eagle Beach. Filled with house music from specially selected DJ’s, join the other thousands of fans and spectators during a day-long beach party. Attire beachwear is required, flip flops are optional. The festival starts at 2pm and goes for a full 12 hours until it winds down at 2am. Check out the DJ line up below below.

DJ Line Up

  • Alex Sargo
  • Yeimy
  • Nutzbeatz
  • Night Ride
  • MC Samil
  • Karixon
  • Andy Safado
  • Roger Peterson and The Roosters
  • DJ Dyna
  • Israel Vibrations and Roots Radics
30th Aruba International Half Marathon

(Sunday, March 15th 2015; All Day)

Aruba?s longest road race has competitors running across the island, from San Nicolas to Oranjestad – a total of 21K. The race starts in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park in San Nicolas, and runs all the way to Alhambra Casino Aruba. There will be two Red Cross tents on the route for those that cannot complete the marathon, as well as a Sweeper to pick up the remaining participants racing (unless they are 1km or less from the finish line), 3 hours into the race. The marathon starts at 5:30am; to grab a shuttle, be at the Alhambra Casino Parking Lot between 4 – 4:30am.

Online Registration

Aruba?s Flag and Anthem Day

(Wednesday, March 18th, 2015; All Day)

This year, Aruba is celebrating the 39th anniversary of the National Anthem ?Aruba Dushi Tera,? and their proud blue, yellow, red, and white National Flag on March 18th. There is also a folkloric production showed at Plaza Betico Croes in Oranjestad if you’d like to learn a little more about the pride of Aruba.

April 2015

Aruba Easter Celebration

(Week of Easter, beginning Sunday, April 5th 2015)

In Aruba, Easter has become one of the most important holiday celebrations. Many of their events take place on Easter Sunday, but some may last throughout the entire week. A large majority of Aruba inhabitants observe Cuaresma, or Lent, during this time, and throughout the week, many celebrations and events occur in its honor.

  • Easter Sunday ? The churches distribute palm leaves in celebration of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. Many families fold the palm leaves into crosses to decorate and bless their home. An English mass is given at the St. Anna church in Noord at 11am.
    • For the kids, many fun activities such as egg hunting, face painting, and more are held at the malls in Palm Beach and Oranjestad.
  • Week of Easter ? Many Arubans observe the Holy Week by camping on the beach, a tradition done for decades. It is the practice of living as one with nature in peace. Entire families will spend this?week in tents on the beach, and many boaters and yachts can anchor close to shore and camp out as well. In addition, throughout the week,?many activities take place: tennis, soccer, live concerts, and other forms of entertainment.
  • Good Friday ? Watch the ?Way of the Cross,? performed by young local actors, and hosted by the Dakota Church at 10am; no admission fee.
5th International Boulevard Race (10K)

(Monday, April 27th, 2015; 5:30-7:30pm)

This year, Aruba is celebrating the 55th running race, an event that attracts over 200 competitors frrom various countries – Venzeula, Colombia, USA, Netherlands, Holland, Antilles, and of course, Aruba. Starting at 5:30pm, runners cover the distance from L.G. Smith Boulevard to the Marriott parking space.


Sail Aruba 2015

(Friday, May 1st ? Sunday, May 3rd 2015; All Day)

At the Port of Oranjestad, the largest event commemorating the Kingdom of the Netherlands takes place between May 1-3, 2015. Filled with festivities and activities, APA properties such as the Harbor Arena and the surrounding waters will be?open to the public. Sail Aruba 2015 invites many visitors to tour on board Tallships, visit the?Seafood Festival, watch Sail Aruba Races, attend the BBQ Cook Off, and much more.

For additional information about this event, visit: Sail Aruba

Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

(Wednesday, May 20th ? Monday, May 25th, 2015)

Aruba starts Memorial Day Weekend with quite the bang in May this year. The Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival lasts for?five days, filled with?outstanding performances and events. It all begins with a two-night concert featuring many well known artists (listed below), and offers all sorts of entertainment from nightclubs to beach parties that keep the celebration going all week.

Performing Artists

  • Concert Headliners: Trey Songz and Charlie Wilson
  • Alicia Keys
  • Anthony Hamilton
  • Boyz II Men
  • Brian McKnight
  • Chaka Khan
  • Common
  • Estelle
  • Etana
  • the Gap Band
  • India Arie
  • Joe Thomas
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Maze
  • Nina Sky
  • Raheem De Vaugn
  • Robin Thicke
  • Sean Paul
  • Tony Braxton
  • Wayne Brady
  • Wyclef Jean

Wednesday, May 20th

  • Aruba Welcome Celebration

Thursday, May 21st

  • Live Radio Remote Broadcasts
  • Beach Party
  • Casino Night
  • After Party

Friday, May 22nd

  • Live Radio Remote Broadcasts
  • Beach Party
  • Comedy Concert
  • After Party

Saturday, May 23rd

  • Live Radio Remote Broadcasts
  • Beach Party
  • Music Concert
  • After Party

Sunday, May 24th

  • Live Radio Remote Broadcasts
  • Beach Party
  • Casino Night
  • After Party

Monday, May 25th

  • Memorial Day ?Cool Down? BBQ at Moomba Beach
  • Performance by special guest DJs


29th Aruba's International Tradition

(Sunday, June 28th, 2015)

The 29th International Triathalon takes place in Aruba this year, attracting international competitors to overcome large feats. The triathalon consists of a 1.5K swim, a 40K bike race, and ends?with a 10K run. The race is also open to beginners who wish to give it a shot at half the distance for each activity. It all begins at Eagle Beach, where more than 100 athletes participate.


Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament

(Tuesday, July 7th ? Monday, July 13th, 2015; All Day)

At the Hadicurari Beach, Aruba holds the largest amateur windsurfing event, open to enthusiasts of windsurfing and kite boarding alike. There are many competitions held for multiple ages and genders, masters, and free style kite surfers. Alongside the competitions, several bands peform, DJ’s play, and food and drink stands can be found around the Fisherman’s Huts at Hadicurari Beach.

Visit: Aruba Hi-Winds


Aruba Regatta 2015

(Friday, August 14th ? Sunday, August 16th, 2015; All Day)

At Eagle Beach, enjoy three evenings of music and parties to celebrate the 2015 Aruba Regatta. During the day, there will be competitions and races held for yachts, with about 80 sails on the water, and an entire fleet of beach cats. This year, the Aruba Regatta is bringing something new to the competition ? a self-built boat race, micro-boat races, and a Stand-up Paddleboard competition.

Visit Aruba Regatta

21st Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament

(Thursday, August 20th ? Monday, August 24th, 2015; All Day)

Here in Aruba, professional and amateur golfers compete in a two-day, 36-hole tournament awarding?gifts. special events, and prizes. A welcome reception, a BBQ party, and a dinner reception to present the awards to the winners of the tournament are spread out over the course of the two-day event. Brunch buffets are also available on each day of the tournament. Additionally, the prizes don’t just benefit the golfers; winning teams may be awarded access?to?an open bar during the tournament and while attending social functions, and their spouses receive a program that includes?tours, a spa, shopping, and?leisurely time at the beach at Tierra del Sol.


Electric Festival

(Friday, September 4th ? Monday, September 7th, 2015; All Day)

This September in Aruba, performance artists Nero, Boris, Nicole Moudaber, and Mastiksoul join Chuckle, Erick Morillo, and Slash to make the 2015 Electric Festival the best one yet. Get ready for the largest global, annual electronic music festival in the Caribbean that?make waves around Aruba beaches this year.

35th Turibana to Santa Crus 10K Race

(Sunday, September 6th, 2015; 6:30am ? 9:30am)

Starting at the Panderia del Campo building in Noord, runners complete?a 10K race that ends at the Betico Croes Sports Complex. If you’d like to register, registration begins on August 20th, 2015.

22nd Annual Aruba Reef Care Project

(Tuesday, September 1st ? Wednesday, September 30th, 2015; All Day)

The Aruba Reef Care project is dedicated to clean up the island’s beaches, and dive and snorkel sites, in an effort to help raise awareness and upkeep of marine environments for tourists and fellow Arubans to enjoy. Every year, about?800 participants?volunteer to help clean up in the island’s largest environmental initiative.


9th Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

(Friday, October 2nd ? Saturday, October 3rd, 2015; All Day)

If you like jazz, then you’ll love the 9th Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba. Last year, over 8,000 people enjoyed 20 acts of quality jazz musicians and bands at the Renaissance Market Plaza. In addition, the indoor art gallery and food court offered visitors a professional environment and hospitality while enjoying great music. After last year’s success, Aruba is looking to outdo itself this year, so be sure to check it out during your stay.

Visit: Caribbean Sea Jazz

The Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup

(Friday, October 23rd ? Sunday, October 25th, 2015; All Day)

Aruba has been long-standing as a popular island for romantic getaways and?family vacations, but as of late, it’s also become the most sought after fishing venue in the Caribbean. This year, the Presidential Caribbean Cup is hosting the 4th annual international billfishing competition in Aruba, just in time for the marlin season. Prize catches of blue and white marlin, and sailfish are expected to be available to all fishermen competing this year. If you’re visiting with family, be sure to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and try out some of Aruba’s word-class scuba diving.

PPC Aruba Poker Tournament

(Dates TBA)

Information Not Available

5th Aruba International Bike Week

(Monday, October 6th ? Sunday, November 1st, 2015; All Day)

In Aruba, Harley Davidson bikers have a very memorable tradition where riders from several countries drift against the island trade winds for 6 days. During this event, all are welcome to experience Aruba’s exotic roads and white beaches.

51st International Classic Billfish Tournament

(Dates TBA)

The Aruba Nautical Club is setting up for another billfish tournament for fisherman to catch and release the beautiful blue marlin, or to fill up a box or two with fish for dinner. Wheter an amateur or a professional, this Caribbean fishing tournament is made to suit anglers of varying experience. Plus, there are plenty of shoreside parties to enjoy as much as your catch of the day.


15th National Coastal Clean Up

(Sunday, November 8th, 2015; All Day)

This year, Aruba is holding its 14th annual Coastal Clean Up, where public and personal sectors worldwide participate in cleaning up the beaches and coastlines of Aruba.

Aruba Beach Tennis International Championships

(Monday, November 16th ? Sunday, November 22nd, 2015; All Day)

Every year, over 800 players from all over the world come to Aruba to duel it out in this Beach Tennis International Championship. Open to ages of 6-69 years old, Tennis players get together for a friendly match that will lead to one victorious player of the world.


Aruba Dande Festival

(Sunday, December 27-28th, 2015)

A tradition that was almost lost, a Dande festival is celebrated every year around Christmas time in Aruba. The festival is split into two parts, the first for the children and the second for the adults. Arubans celebrate this festival to pass the history of Dande, and the Dande tradition, to the next generation.